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The NAARGC was founded in 1963 and is currently in it's 3rd location.  The property of the Club sits on one quarter of a square mile with 158 acres of treed, low-rolling landscape.  It is located approximately two miles east of the town of Coweta, Oklahoma.
The facilities include:
  • 2 Skeet Fields
  • A Wobble Trap Field
  • A Shotgun Patterning Board with distance markers
  • There is a Camping area with a permanent firepit
  • The Club has 2 "Catch & Release" Ponds (Fishing License Required)
  • The Pistol Range is 180 feet long with Backstops at:
    • 5-10-15-20-25/ 50 and 100 yard distances
  • There are 2 Rifle Ranges:
    • 50/ 100/ 150 and 200 yards
    • 200 & 300 yards
At each of these areas, there are shooting tables, benches and 
equipment tables.

The Pistol range & the Rifle range include an audio/visual safety system.

The Archery Range has had the addition of a crossbow moving shooting table installed --along with the range's routine ammenities of 3-D deer targets, bag targets, a moving coyote, a javelina pig, a tree stand with 2 safety harnesses, 8 lanes and 6 or more walking paths and a storage building.



VERY Important INFO

Dear Members,  Please give serious consideration for the up-coming election of Officers.  It isn't a TITLE or just a position - it's a JOB of volunteering to help the club move forward or at the very least sustain the quality of what the club has become.  It IS the best club in this area of Oklahoma  AND YOU ARE A PART of this Club. YOUR CLUB is  550 members (+ 6 Honoraries) strong!

The offices listed below have some of the details of tasks for each of the positions:

President - Leadership for meetings, Sportsmanship as example, unprejudical thinking on behalf of ALL members on club improvements, assists on the Board.

VP - Knowledgeable of the Club's workings to enable assist to the President or be there in his/her stead. Assists on the Board, readily helps the President move the club forward.

Secretary - Record keeping for meetings, computer abilities to enable production of a monthly newsletter, keeps the membership informed, keeps updated log of member emails, assists on the Board.

Treasurer/Membership - Handles the club's finances with purchases & debits, keeps financial records in detail, assists w/club budgets, keeps detailed membership records to include gate card assignments, assists on the Board.

Trustee - Audits the club financial records on a quarterly basis & reports findings as required, assists on the Board.

June 1st General Member Meeting 7 p.m. Clubhouse -Nominations

June 3 - Summer Skeet League:  Wed.night 6 pm; Runs 6 wks, Call Ron


 SAVE THE DATE - JUNE 6TH CLUB PICNIC @ NOON, bring a dish to share. Hamburgs & Hotdogs furnished by Club!
See EVENTS CALENDAR in Website for more details about each!


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