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The NAARGC was founded in 1963 and is currently in it's 3rd location.  The property of the Club sits on one quarter of a square mile with 158 acres of treed, low-rolling landscape.  It is located approximately two miles east of the town of Coweta, Oklahoma.
The facilities include:
  • 2 Skeet Fields
  • A Wobble Trap Field
  • A Shotgun Patterning Board with distance markers
  • There is a Camping area with a permanent firepit
  • The Club has 2 "Catch & Release" Ponds (Fishing License Required)
  • The Pistol Range is 180 feet long with Backstops at:
    • 5-10-15-20-25/ 50 and 100 yard distances
  • There are 2 Rifle Ranges:
    • 50/ 100/ 150 and 200 yards
    • 200 & 300 yards
At each of these areas, there are shooting tables, benches and 
equipment tables.

The Pistol range & the Rifle range include an audio/visual safety system.

The Archery Range has had the addition of a crossbow moving shooting table installed --along with the range's routine ammenities of 3-D deer targets, bag targets, a moving coyote, a javelina pig, a tree stand with 2 safety harnesses, 8 lanes and 6 or more walking paths and a storage building.



Important INFO

On Saturday, March 28th, Black Powder Shotgun Match /25 shots on the Wobble Trap.  Starts @ 9 am - Match Fee $10

Muzzleloading shotguns or vintage cartridge shotguns shooting blackpowder shells.
Rifle/Pistol:  March 28th a .22 rifle match 10 a.m.  Scoped or open sights.  1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes.  


National Wild Turkey Federation   Tulsa Chapter - March 27th -  5:30 pm Where:  Glenpool Conference Center Contact:  hunter9@cox.net  Go to EVENTS/March in the Website for more detailed info.



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