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The NAARGC was founded in 1963 and is currently in the 3rd location.  The property of the Club sits on one quarter of a square mile with 158 acres of treed, low-rolling landscape.  It is located approximately two miles east of the town of Coweta, Oklahoma.
The facilities include:
  • 2 Skeet Fields w/sidewalks
  • A Wobble Trap Field
  • A Shotgun Patterning Board with distance markers
  • There is a Camping area with a permanent firepit
  • The Club has a "Catch & Release" Pond (Fishing License Required)
  • The Pistol Range is 180 feet long with Backstops at:
    • 5-10-15-20-25/ 50 and 100 yard distances
  • There are 2 Rifle Ranges:
    • 50/ 100/ 150 and 200 yards
    • 200 & 300 yards
At each of the Rifle/Pistol areas, there are shooting tables, benches,  
equipment tables and safety equipment.  


The Archery Range consists of: 14 individual targets, both 3D and conventional, of various distances. Two elevated tree stands with required harnesses provided.  One running 3D target.  One dedicated crossbow lane with a moveable shooting bench.

No broadheads are allowed, field points only may be used.  Range has a rolling terrain allowing for a variety of shooting practice.



Important INFO

This Saturday is October 14th.   The Newsletter mentioned volunteers would be needed to finish the back boards for the pistol range since the berm rebuilding is complete.  R/P chair also hopes to work on one of the Dinger Berms.  Your help is needed this Saturday 8 am to noon. Questions?  Phone numbers for Rifle & Pistol Chairs are in your newsletter & in this website - Events calendar. Please plan to attend and accomplish the task.  Bring gloves & hat.


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