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The NAARGC was founded in 1963 and is currently in the 3rd location.  The property of the Club sits on one quarter of a square mile with 158 acres of treed, low-rolling landscape.  It is located approximately two miles east of the town of Coweta, Oklahoma.
The facilities include:
  • 2 Skeet Fields w/sidewalks
  • A Wobble Trap Field
  • A Shotgun Patterning Board with distance markers
  • There is a Camping area with a permanent firepit
  • The Club has a "Catch & Release" Pond (Fishing License Required)
  • The Pistol Range is 180 feet long with Backstops at:
    • 5-10-15-20-25/ 50 and 100 yard distances
  • There are 2 Rifle Ranges:
    • 50/ 100/ 150 and 200 yards
    • 200 & 300 yards
At each of the Rifle/Pistol areas, there are shooting tables, benches,  
equipment tables and safety equipment.  


The Archery Range consists of: 14 individual targets, both 3D and conventional, of various distances. Two elevated tree stands with required harnesses provided.  One running 3D target.  One dedicated crossbow lane with a moveable shooting bench.

No broadheads are allowed, field points only may be used.  Range has a rolling terrain allowing for a variety of shooting practice.



Important INFO

July 4th Blow-out! Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Wobble-Trap 5-Stand! Wild targets- Good Competition!  Grilled Hamburgers & Hotdogs by club. Members furnish salads/deserts/chips.


General Meeting postponed one week due to the holidays.  See you on July 10th.



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